Thursday, May 3, 2018

My Video Teachings and Debates


Comparing Jesus' Apostles with Muhammad's Companions

Refuting Ijaz Ahmed's "Introduction to the New Testament" Part 1

20 Reasons to Never Become a Muslim

Debate with Inamulla Mumtaz on Muhammad in the Bible

Does God have "Sons by the Tons"?

Evidence Muhammad was Demon Possessed

Islam Teaches Offensive Jihad 

Osama Abdullah Admits Muhammad/Muslims are Blasphemers

Muhammad is not Predicted in the Bible

The Original Sources the Koran Stole its Stories From

New Evidence the Koran is Corrupted

Was Muhammad the World's Most Evil Man?

David Wood Interview on Islam

Shabir Ally & Raymond Brown's Redaction Criticism of John

Refuting Adnan Rashid on "Perfect" Early Koran Manuscripts 

Refuting Ehrman's "Passion Contradictions" Muslims Parrot

Was Jesus Sent Only for the Jews? 

ISIS: Muhammad/Koran Allow them to Rape Captive Yazidi Women

Round 1 with "Jibreelk" on Allah Being Satan

Round 2 with "Jibreelk"

Round 3 with "Jibreelk"


Catholic Gets Shut Down in Debate on the Papacy

Facts about the Roman Catholic Inquisitions

Romanism Turns Mary into a God  

Discussion with Catholic who Can't Prove Peter was Roman Bishop

Matthew 16 Does not Teach Peter was Pope

The "33,000 Protestant Denominations" Falsehood 

Refuting "Theologica37" on Sola Scriptura in the Early Church

Round 2 with "Theologica37" on Sola Scriptura in the Early Church

Bad Popes of History

Debate With Matthew a Catholic Minister on the Papacy

Things to Consider Before Becoming a Catholic

Catholic Idol Worshiper's Big Justification Lie

Discussion with Two Catholics on Interpreting Scripture

The Apocrypha is not Scripture

Did Roman Catholicism Give Protestants the Bible? 

Debate with Catholic Peter Dimond on Salvation

Peter Dimond's Not-so-Stunning Acts 15 Video

Peter Dimond Lied About dikaiosune - Plus Debate Challenge

Proof Virgin Mary is not the Ark of the Covenant 

Debate with "Bingolly1" on Mary's Immaculate Conception 

Theory on the Modern Origins of Papal Infallibility


Failure of False Religions to Account for Valid Human Experience

Absurdities of YouTube Atheist "AronRa"

Absurdities of YouTube Atheist "Thunderf00t"

Absurdities of YouTube Atheist "CultofDusty"

Biblical Studies

Peter vs. Paul?: Baur’s Tübingen Thesis Debunked

First Century Jewish Literacy

Did Jesus' Disciples Know Greek?

Proof the Bible Teaches Original Sin

Are Christians Under the Law of Moses?

An Historical Case for Jesus' Resurrection 

Refuting the Lie John Invented Sayings of Jesus 

Does the Old Testament Condone Genocide? 

Addressing Biblical Slavery


Brief Explanation of Calvinism

Danger of Armianism: Response to "Nephtali1981's" Anti-Calvinist Video

Horrors of "Nephtali1981's" Research Abilities: More Anti-Calvinism

Proof God Predestines Everything (fivepointbaptist) 

Discussion with Charismatic Arminian on Free Will


Black Lives Matter is Satanic

Why Leftists Believe Weird and Evil Things

Debate with Yuratchka on the Deity of Jesus

Thoughts on Sinless Perfectionism 

John MacArthur Exposes Charles Finney  

Discussion with Two Pelagians on Original Sin

Steve Anderson Refuted on "Jesus was a Burnt Offering in Hell / Bible is God"

YouTube Pelagian Sinless Perfection Cult Redefined Sin

Whalid Shoebat's Son's "Christian Militancy" Teaching Debunked 

The Truth About the Israel vs. Hamas Conflict

Jeffrey Daugherty's "Apostle Paul Antichrist" Theory Debunked

Refuting "Dutch Philosopher's" Response to my Free Will is Pagan Video

Refuting "Dutch Philosopher's" Response to my free will is pagan Video Again

Pelagian Anti-Calvinists Morrell and Skelly Steal Presuppositionalism 

Relying on Scripture for Doctrine and Morals, not Reasoning from Within 

Jesse Morrell's Documentary "Beyond Augustine" Refuted Part 1

Jesse Morrell's Documentary "Beyond Augustine" Refuted Part 2


  1. Keith, just found your material at You Tube and your web sites and I can't be more grateful for all the content. God bless you and please continue to work for the Glory of our God. My name is Amilkar and I am from Mexico. I am devouring the material about Romanism because once I heard Rob Zins say, that we need to know their religion better than they do so we can reach them and present the true Gospel. Thanks again and God Bless!!

  2. When I see and hear your position/s so frequently misrepresented and mischaracterized by your critics, I see how very shallow their criticisms actually are. Hang in there brother and blessings to you and yours.

  3. Where have your videos gone? Only recently have I found out that your website is back up. However, your Youtube channel is offline. What happened? I was greatly interested in your content but a good portion of it is no longer available. Seeing this site is back up at least allows me to see your essays, but it would be preferable if I could view your documentaries as well.