Thursday, May 3, 2018

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Comparing Jesus' Apostles with Muhammad's Companions

Refuting Ijaz Ahmed's "Introduction to the New Testament"

Original Sources the Koran Stole its Stories From

The Corruption of the Koran: Evidence and New Research

Muhammad Taught and Practiced Offensive Jihad

Is Christianity a Religion of Peace?

Are Muhammad and Islam Predicted in the Bible?

Evidence Muhammad was Demon Possessed

Errors in the Koran and Ahadith

Was Jesus Sent for the Jews Only?

20 Reasons to Never Join Islam

Answering Sami Zaatari on the Pharisaic Accusation Christ Claimed Deity

Christ's Deity in Light of Not Knowing the Day or Hour of His Return

Bart Ehrman: Hero for Islam?

Is Asking "Where did Jesus say 'I am God'" a Good Argument?

Revisiting "Where Did Jesus say I am God?": A Response to the Muhammadan Site "Do Not Say Trinity"

Answering "Jesus isn't God Because God Doesn't Change"

Five Reason why Jesus is Not Merely a Prophet

Does Muhammad Pass the 1 John 4 Prophethood Test?

The Muslim Misuse of Hebrews 5:7: Does this Verse Teach Jesus Never Died?

Muhammad's Condition in Light of the Biblical Description of Demonic Possession

Daniel 7:13-14 and Christ's Deity: Answering Ibn Anwar's Eisegesis

The Historicity of the Appearance to the 500 in 1 Corinthians 15

Ibn Anwar's False Charge of Anachronistic Error: An Exegetical Examination of Mark 2:26 Part 1

Ibn Anwar's False Charge of Anachronistic Error: An Exegetical Examination of Mark 2:26 Part 2

Historical and Biblical Case for the Trinity

A Case for the Deity of Christ in Light of Muslim Objections


Response to Jack Lake's Bachelor's Thesis Defending Mariolatry

Catholicism Turns Mary into a God

The Apocrypha are not Scripture

Are Roman Catholics Saved?

Some of Roman Catholicism's Worst Atrocities & Abominations of History

Absence of Papal Views Among the Earliest Christians

Proof the Roman Catholic Mass is Unbiblical and Anti-Christ

Historical Examination of Rome's Eucharistic Theology

Mary is Not the Ark or Tabernacle

The Bible does not Teach Mary's Immaculate Conception

The Early Church Did Not Believe Mary's Immaculate Conception

The Assumption of Mary is Unbiblical and Ahistorical

Mary is Not Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix of all Graces, and Advocate

Biblical Evidence Against Peter Being Pope

Does Matthew 16 Teach Peter was the Pope?

Do John 21 and Luke 22 Prove Peter was the Pope?

Refutation of Papal Infallibility

Refuting Rome's Biblical Case for Extrabiblical Tradition

Biblical Evidence for Sola Scriptura

The Church Fathers Taught Sola Scriptura

Did Roman Catholicism Give Protestants the Bible?

Refuting the Catholic Priesthood and Penance

Biblical and Historical Refutation of Purgatory

Peter Dimond's Not-so-Stunning Acts 15 Video

Peter Dimond Lied about diskaiosune

Response to's "Some Tough Questions for Protestants"

Refutation of Inclusivism: Non-Christians Cannot be Saved by Works

Baptismal Regeneration and Justification are False

"Works" and "Works of the Law" in Paul: Interacting with Modern Catholic Reliance on New Perspectivism

Biblical Studies

Peter vs. Paul?: Baur’s Tübingen Thesis Debunked   

First Century Jewish and Greco-Roman Literacy  

Could Jesus' Disciples Read and Write Koine Greek (The Language of the Gospels)?

The Reliability of the Gospel of John

Comprehensive Case Jesus Died by Crucifixion

An Historical Case for Christ's Resurrection

Are Christians Under the Law of Moses?

Justification is by Faith Alone: Issues and Evidence

The Bible Teaches Original Sin

Jesus as God Before Paul

Refuting Bart Ehrman's "Passion Contradictions"
The Bible and Slavery: Answering "Atheists"

Jesus' Imputed Righteousness: An Exegetical Case


Book Recommendations for Christian Apologists

Failure of False Religions to Account for Valid Human Experience

Hitler's Darwinian Motive for Mass-Murder

YouTube Pelagian Sinless Perfection Cult Redefines Sin

Jeffrey Daugherty's "Apostle Paul Antichrist" Theory Debunked

Refutation of Jesse Morrell's Documentary "Beyond Augustine Part 1

Refutation of Jesse Morrell's Documentary "Beyond Augustine Part 2

Exchange with Jesse Morrell on His Documentary 

Book Reviews

Review of Tom Holland's "Tom Wright and the Search for Truth"

Sam Shamoun's Essays

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  1. Hi brother keith thompson, can you make a refutation to the some works of erick ybarra(a roman catholic apologist)?

    1. What specific material of his are you interested in seeing a refutation to?

  2. Keith, could you do a rebuttal to some material by Trent Horn?


  3. Keith,

    Is there another Kieth Thompson on YouTube doing videos similar to yours. I though some of the videos were yours but after watching and listening to the voice I don't think it's you. I have been fallowing your channel for many years. The channel I was watching says Keith Thompson?

    1. It's a different guy. They might seem to be the same guy because they are both reformed.